User Access and Security


User Access determine the system access level and the Web interface the user will see when logging in. The Administrative User can access all Equipment and is responsible to maintain the Meta data of the system. Meta data refers to things like Suppliers names, Component Brand names, Site name, etc. The Administrative User is also the only user who can add Equipment, Components, Component Types, Maintenance, Tasks and Schedules.

Managing your assets is provided through an Asset Hierarchy. At the top level you have the Factory Level and below that the Plant Level. The Plant assets contain Equipment Assets which in turn contains Components. If you do not like the names of these levels (Factory, Plant, Equipment and Component) you have an opportunity to rename the Levels.

When you add users you can associate the user at any one of the top three levels. That will enable the user to act on and view all the assets below that node in the hierarchy. A user can have access to multiple assets at the assigned level. For Example User 2 in the diagram below will be able to interact ( Edit, Track, View ) with Equipment P4, Equipment E7-E8 and Components C10-C12, where User 3 can only interact with E8, C11 and C12.

Also note that users at levels below Factory will be able to drill up to the levels directly above them, but will not be able to add, edit or track anything there. For example in the diagram below User 2 will be able to view Factory F2 only and User 3 will be able to view P4 and F2 only.

When you assign a User to an Asset via the User Profiles and that asset does not have a Responsible User associated with it, the assigned user will automatically become the Responsible User. This can be changed if that user should not be the Responsible User. Note only users that have the node in his/her own hierarchy will be eligible to become the Responsible User of the asset.



The main Administrative functions will be to manage users, components, equipment, documentation, tasks, schedules and System meta data. The Administrative User can award and revoke access to the System and to Equipment to any other user.


Users are assigned at any level in the asset tree giving them access to the asset level they are assigned at, and all assets, equipment, components under the assigned level.

View only Users

View Only users cannot change or update anything in the system, but will see the same Web views as the user who is assigned at the same asset level.

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