Maintenance Scheduling 


All scheduled maintenance are either Calendar time based or Quantity based. Time based scheduling can be hours, days, weeks, months or hours based on calendar time passed. Quantity based schedules depend on recorded quantities, examples of which are units manufactured, kilometers traveled, cycles completed, machine hours completed, liters processed or any other user defined measure.

Maintenance Tasks are defined and can be associated with either Time or Quantity based schedules or both.

Maintenance Tasks and Policies

Maintenance Tasks are defined and associated with Maintenance groups and Maintenance policies. Each asset, and subset  belongs to groups and policies.

Each Task can be scheduled on a Calendar or  Quantity basis as stipulated in the maintenance policies. Hence, all Components belonging to a Maintenance policies will be subjected to the same Tasks and schedule types. The detail plan entries will depend on the status of each individual component. For example all pump motors need to be lubricated each month, however each individual motor might have a different day of the month on which its planned schedule runs.

Maintenance Plans

When a Planned Entry is created automatically for a Component it is marked as New. As the Planned event nears a preset margin (eg. 5%) of the scheduled event the Planned entry becomes Due. When the Planned entry has not been addressed after the margin period has been exceeded, the event is marked as Overdue.

Overdue entries can be escalated via SMS or email to supervisors or managers.

When Maintenance Personnel have completed a Planned Maintenance Task, they have a very simple Web interface to mark-off the task as being completed with optional comments.

Maintenance History

A complete history of each planned entry is stored centrally for the life of the Component. The Maintenance History per Component can analysed, with Operator names and dates of maintenance events.

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