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Momenta CMMS tools offer the incorporation of a document management system, which allows you to attach items such word documents, excel worksheets and PDFs to individual or multiple assets, equipment, components, and basically to any entity in the Momenta system.

The Momenta document management repository  allows you to organise your CMMS and EAM system with all the information and documentation  that is relevant to it, like manufacturers’ safety guidelines, risk assessment files, warranties, work orders manuals.  A list of documents that have been linked to a specific item can be viewed at any time when the specified  item is on screen.

This transparent document trail will help you with your reporting and gaining instant access to contractual documents such as leases warranties etc. This document repository  will also be helpful for any project managers who want to view historical quotes, orders and invoices in their original form.  The comprehensive data can useful to all your Momenta CMMS users and helps reduce costs through the reduction of dependence on paper.

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