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FACTORY MAINTENANCE is one of those necessary evils in the life of many manufacturing organisations. If you take your eye off this ball, it may come back and bite you at the worst possible time, when you can least afford it or just when that critical run for your prime customer is due. A proper Maintenance Regime and a well-managed Programme go a long way towards minimising break-downs and maximising Production Line up-time. Not to mention the millions in cost that can be prevented. Any Maintenance Programme is as good as the management thereof. To assist and augment Maintenance Programmes in any organisation the Momenta CMMS Maintenance Management System is geared to alleviate much of the administration of running a professional Maintenance Programme. All Plant and Equipment with their underlying Components can be tracked, whether it is a high speed bottling production line, head-gear for a mineshaft or a delivery vehicle, Momenta CMMS can ensure that maintenance takes place on-time and is recorded for forensic analysis any time in the future. One of the main bugbears of Maintenance Managers is to keep proper records of maintenance actions taken by staff. Momenta CMMS offers web recording of incidents on a normal browser or via a mobi site. If a breakdown occurs the incident can be recorded from the mobile phone and will be available for escalation immediately. A single Repository for Maintenance Manuals, Plant Configuration Drawings, Component Specifications, Procedures, Policies and any relevant documentation is maintained. Documentation can be associated to Equipment, Components or Component Types. Ensure that your staff members always have the latest documentation at hand. Calendar time based scheduling and Quantity based Scheduling are catered for. The former refers to tasks that need to take place at regular time intervals (annual truck licensing for example) and Quantity based schedules can include, units processed, kilometres travelled, operating hours, cycles competed and any other quantity based measures. Quantity records can be added manually or Momenta CMMS can be customised to collect PLC data, vehicle tracking files or any other quantity based data sources (ERPM system for example) and import it for recording. Momenta CMMS offers a complete Administration facility to easily manage your maintenance efforts, and a simplified and very easy to use web and mobi interfaces for the Maintenance Operators.



Do you have control over your Maintenance Efforts?


Do you know what maintenance activities are outstanding?


Do your staff members know what maintenance activities to perform?


Do you know if your maintenance program is effective?


Do you have control over your documentation? Centrally?


Do your staff members have the correct documentation on site?

Let Momenta ease your burden:

Our Feature Summary:

Complete record of maintenance activities

Quantity based and Time based scheduled maintenance activities

Track maintenance on all Factory Assets, Equipment, Components, Vehicles etc

Repository for all Maintenance Manuals, Procedures, Plant Configuration Diagrams

Documentation available to maintenance staff on web and mobi or APP

Print daily task list in PDF or Excel

Keep track of operator performance

Complete history of Maintenance events on all components

Record Incidents and un-scheduled maintenance

Concise Management reports

Access control for staff at all Levels


Momenta™ Computerised Maintenance Management System: CMMS & Enterprise Asset Management EAM, cloud hosted solutions.