Level 1 users are normally responsible for the maintenance of various plants, called Equipment. Each Equipment can have many Components that need maintenance. See the Maintenance Hierarchy for more information. In addition Level 1 users can have several Level 2 users under her/his control. This user will only see the Equipment allocated to her/him that was allocated by the Administrator.

Responsibilites of Equipment maintenance can be delegated to the Level 2 users. Thus a Level 1 user can decide which equipment must be maintained by which Level 2 operator. If an operator is on leave or not available the Equipment can be transfered to another Level 2 user to take care of.

In addition to being able to do all actions a Level 2 user can do, the Level 1 user can also see Components and Equipment assigned to her/him. The Level 1 user however, cannot change any Component, Equipment or Schedule configuration.

Equipment allocation is exclusive for Level 1 users. This means that if an Equipment is allocated to a Level 1 user, then it cannot be allocated to another Level 1 users at the same time.

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