Before you set-up Equipment it is best to first set-up Equipment PCF, Equipment Sub-Families and Equipment Keys. Equipment Keys are really just used for searching and categorizing. It is not needed, but can be an aid in the equipment search form. Example Equipment key FPL is all fixed plant, VH is vehicles, etc. Go to Equipment on the main menu and select Equipment Key on the Sub-Menu.

PCF (Plant Configuration File) generally refers to the drawings that contains all the components in the plant. Thus you can attach a PCF to the Plant and later attach a Plant Drawing to this PCF code. It will then be easy for the Operators to retrieve the diagram from the Web interface to locate a specific component. Go to Equipment on the main menu and select Equipment PCF on the Sub-Menu. Give the PCF code the same code as the Equipment code, or something that will be easy to spot when PCF entities are associated with Equipement.

NOTE: The words PLANT and EQUIPMENT are used interchangeably and means one and the same thing.

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