Equipment is a collection of Components. Equipment can be a complex plant with many components or it can only have one or two components. A vehicle for example has an Equipment Code and the the vehichle is the Component with a specific VIN or Registration number. The vehicle Equipment may also include, for example, a fire extiguisher Component that needs to be tracked as a maintenance item. Or it may include a trailer if it is a truck.

Equipment is associated with one site. There is also a site called AFLOAT which refers to roaming Equipment in the field. Equipment can be transferred from one site to another site. When this happens all the Components that makes up the Equipment is transferred as well. As far as the Maintenance System is concerned, the Site selections can be used to limit the Equipment Codes available for display to only the ones associated with a particular Site.

PCF drawings are associated with Equipment and is generally made up of a schematic diagram that shows all the Components and there interconnecion with each other.

Access control for Level One and Level Two users are at the Equipment level.

The word Plant is synonymous with the word Equipment and can be used interchangeably. The latter is the formal reference for the Maintenance System.

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