To add sites, click on Admin on the top menu bar. On the Admin sub-menu that appears, click Sites. You should see the search area with no sites. Press the Add button and add a new site. Once you have added a site, you will see the site appearing in the list below the search area. If you made a mistake, there is an Edit link in the far right hand column of the sites lists.

NOTE: To make sites appear in your drop-downs (on various other forms), you will have to logout and login again. This action only applies to sites. Adding other data will cause the values to appear immediately in the drop-downs.

TIP: Sites describe where there are locations of plant. Examples: Johannesburg, Truck depot Durban. If you have roaming plant (e.g. trucks and vehicles) that are not associated with a fixed site, you can make a site called Roaming, or Fleet.

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