Read more about maintenance Families and Sub Families in the relevant section. Essentially all Components will have a Family and a Sub-Family associated with it. Each component MUST belong to a Family and a Sub-Family. Maintenance actions are associated with Sub-Families, thus if you add a maintenance task to a Sub-Family, ALL Components of that Family and Sub-Family will automatically be awarded this maintenance task. Therefore maintenance tasks are not allocated directly to Components but to Sub-Families.

Examples of Families might be Electric Motors, Conveyer belts, Trucks, Valves, etc. Sub-Families are there to make groupings that will have the same maintenance tasks. So a Sub-Family for Trucks could be Tucks 10 ton or Trucks 5 ton, should they have different maintenance events. Valves could have Butterfly Valves, High-pressure valves, etc. The main thing is to group together items with the same maintenance requirements. Go to Families on the main menu and select Family View from the sub-menu (it should be the default option when you select Families).

Click on the button Add Family. A form will open where you can add a Family. You will notice that the Family Code is awarded automatically as a numeric value. You can select any unique value, however it is suggested to stick with the system awarded codes.

You will notice that a Sub-Family with the same name is awarded automatically to this new Family. To change the Sub-Family name you can click on the far right column’s edit link to change the name to something more descriptive. To add more Sub-Families to a Family click the Add Sub-Family button.

Example: Add Family Vehicles. A new Family and Sub-Family called vehicles are created. Edit the Sub-Family and call it Vehicles saloons. Click Add Sub-Family button and add another sub-family called Vehicles Diesel LDV, etc.

NOTE: You need to set-up your family structure before you can set-up Components.

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