System Customisations 

Customisation Options

The following are customisations that can be applied and are optional :

check40Costing Module

Add standard costs to Personnel Hours, Consumables per Maintenance Task or Spares per Task. Add Spares and cost per spare part used during maintenance. Record Actual Hours, spares used and Third Party call-out costs.

Reporting on Direct Cost of Maintenance Programme and Incident Direct Costs.

check40Integrate Quantity Data Sources

Counters and data from PLC’s can be acquired and imported automatically into the system to save on manual updating efforts.

Any data sources from for example, ERPM or Vehicle Tracking Software, can be converted and imported.

check40Business Intelligence Dashboards and Crystal Reports

Interactive Dashboards and Crystal Reports to specification can be and implemented.

check40Escalation procedures.

Escalation procedures including, Alerting system, SMS, and Email are available in the system to keep you updated with breakdowns, overdue maintenance etc..


Link directly with your contractors ensuring you have complete control.

check40Mobi-site and apps.

Mobi-site and apps are available to allow users to input data via  mobile phone, tablet, or basically any device that is connected to the internet.

check40Link in to your existing ERP system.

Momenta has a variety of APi’s available to allow your ERP system to interface directly with us.

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