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ISO 55000 how CMMS can help

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ISO 55000 how Momenta CMMS can help As organizations grow, so will the need for standardization and process improvement. Without these elements, the culture of “fighting fires” will continue to be the norm for maintenance departments. Standardized asset management programs such as those outlined by the International Standards Organization (ISO), establish benchmarks for asset quality control leading to fewer down times, longer asset life, and lower energy consumption.  There is now a new ISO standard for managing assets that may...

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Momenta CMMS and the Enviroment

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Four Ways a Momenta CMMS Can Help an Organization Reduce Its Impact on the Environment Polar vortices across the United States, floods across Great Britain, hurricanes in the Philippines…what is happening with the weather these days? There is no doubt weather patterns are changing, with nine of the 10 warmest years on record occurring in the last decade. Experts say too much heat remains in the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, causing a weakening of the Gulf Stream and changing weather patterns. The main culprits for this additional heat are...

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